Graduate School


- Provide relevant and responsive advanced educational programs in science and technology, agriculture-industrial education, educational management, and allied disciplines consistent with the university mandate.
- Promote the conduct of scholarly research, sustainable extension activities in income-generating projects to improve qualities of life services areas.
- Develop leadership and management skills in mobilizing human resources and empowerment vital to national program, global competitiveness and the preservation of cultural heritage.

Program Objectives

Master of Arts in Educational Management (MAEM)
The program shall aim to produce graduates who:
- Have a deep, integrated and principled understanding of how management theories, principles can be applied in educational learning institutional;
- Have a creative and innovative ideas in carrying-out processes involved in Educational Management to respond to the demands of an improved “School-Based Management System”; and 
- Can contribute to the improvement policies and practices

Master of Arts in Language Teaching(MALT)
The program shall aim to produce graduates who:
- Have the advances and high-level of understanding of how pedagogical theores and models in language teaching can be applied in the Philippine curriculum and settling
- Have enhanced the creativity and facilitative teaching skills that help improve learner’s efficacy in learning the language both in English and Filipino.

Eastern Samar State University

Address:   Brgy. Maypangdan, Borongan City, Eastern Samar, Philippines