Matagumpay na nailunsad ang Week of Welcome (WOW) para sa mga Freshmen and Transferees, sa pangunguna ni Dr. Jonas V. Palada, Ph.D. sa tulong na rin ng iba’t-ibang organisasyon ng mga estudyante, na ginanap sa Eastern Samar State University sa buong buwan ng Hunyo ng taong ito.

In an urgent need of a policy that will provide the rules and regulations in formulating instructional materials the Dean of the College of Education, Dr. Josephine C. Marasigan, submitted to the Board of Regents a proposal to this effect. The Board of Regents, during its regular quarterly meeting approved the proposed guidelines.

In the guidelines, it prescribes the University to create an Instructional Material Review Committee composed of the College Dean and Department Heads as regular members and two (2) faculty members that will be selected according to their expertise of the subject. The Committee is tasked to review the instructional materials submitted by the members of the college and recommends it for approval of the Instructional Material Review Council.The IMRC is composed of the Vice President for Academic Affairs as Chair, College Deans as regular members, the Program/Department Head where the proponent faculty comes from and two (2) faculty members selected based on their expertise of the subject and academic background.

Even with the absence of inaugural formalities, the ESSU Technology Centrum opened for business starting June of School Year 2014-2015. The Centrum was constructed using Student Trust Fund (STF) amounting to 1,470,865.38 pesos which is mainly intended as display center for the sale of products and projects emanating from research, extension and production of students, employees and faculty members of the different colleges and campuses of the university.

In an Office Order by the President to College Administrators, Deans and Program Heads it required all concerned to bring products and project for displays at the ESSU-TC either for sale or exhibit. The products for sale, according to the memo, should be on consignment basis and a minimal amount will be added to the regular price as sales representative commission.

School year 2014-2015 witnessed a transformation in different aspects of Eastern Samar State University. This transformation is deemed vital for the University to adapt to the changes enforced by time and also to address any foreseeable challenges for it to successfully answer to its mandate which is academic excellence.

One of the major changes that the university had undergone is the establishment of two new colleges that suitably meet the demand of the significant increase of student’s population. The College of Computer Studies headed by Dr. Rowena P. Capada and the School of Vocational Technology with its Dean, Dr. Grace O. Manlapas were formerly under the College of Engineering.

In ESSU, it means two things nowadays : 1. an acronym which means Week of Welcome inclusive of the dates June 27 to July 4 forming part of the Welcome and Orientation Program of the Office of Student and Alumni Affairs, and; 2. the expression ESSUnians and others had aside from being speechless at the spectacle that was the Welcome Program spearheaded and organized by the OSAA.

The afternoon of July 4, 2014 saw a depressing, gray sky sprinkling drizzles of rain on the University. Though the grandstand has been decorated with balloons with the colors of the eight colleges and with the speakers blaring out loud, pop music, the whole OSAA Team 2014 headed by Dr. Jonas V. Palada, who was the most anxious of all, could not help but cross their fingers that the rain would come to a halt.

But the program had to start. Slowly, the dim clouds seemed blown away by the students, faculty and staff of the colleges wearing tees in their college color. The emcee called out one by one each college as they passed by the stage where the officials were. The oval became an instant rainbow of students.


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