Ms. COE and Mr. COED grab “Best in Sports Wear”

The ESSUdyantes, together with their faculty and staff, cheered and shouted as support to the candidates for Mr. and Ms. ESSU 2015 as they romped up in stage in their sports attire during the opening of the Intrams yesterday morning.
The “Best in Sportswear” award was given to Ms. Ma. Jessa Banigoos (COE) in her volleyball attire and Mr. Franklin Losanga (COED) in his basketball attire.

Ms. Sarika Janiehn Alota and Mr. Jayvee Martin (CAS), Ms. Kelly Jean Haynes and Mr. Aldwyn Cinco (CCS), Ms. Ma. Jessa Banigoos and Mr. Jude Edgar Cabel (COE), Ms. Stephanie Secretaria and Mr. Yuri Tzu Sun (CON), Ms. Vanessa Grace Nuguit and Mr. Ervyn Garcia (CBMA), Ms. Marianne Morallos and Mr. Franklin Losanga (COED), Ms. Mary Jane Amosco (CANS) and Ms. Zaina Ann Gunda (SVT) are the candidates for the upcoming Search for Mr. and Ms. ESSU 2015.
The candidates will compete the said pageant at the Quintuple Meet 2015 which will be held at ESSU-Guiuan.


Photo(s) Dave Lampanizo / Edsil Viñas


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