SSG-TSG sets activities for non-athletes

To render their holistic service and to keep all the students involved during the 2015 Intramurals, the Supreme Student Council-Tertiary Student Government (SSC-TSG) officers organized different activities for non-athlete students yesterday, July 9, 2015, in front of the College of Education-THE Room.

After the formal opening of this year’s Intramurals Meet, Eating Relay and Flip the Boat were conducted. Meanwhile, Tissue Walk, Paint Me a Picture, and The Boat is Sinking were the fun games which gave delight to the students in the afternoon. Prizes were given to the winning participants from various colleges of the University.
“Well, in terms of cooperation, they are very cooperative,” said Avelyn Desoloc, SSC Vice-President, when asked how the students collaborated with them. Today, other activities are expected again from them.


Photo(s) Dave Lampanizo / Edsil Viñas


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