Initiated by the Department of Interior of Local Government and in partnership with the Extension Office of the Eastern Samar State University, a series of activities to improve the capability of the LGU to document their best practices was conducted in December 2017 and April this year. 

As an initial undertaking, ESSU conducted a research study describing the perception of the respondents of the tourism potential of Borongan City. A writeshop on how to properly document best practices was soon followed and was participated by different stakeholders in Borongan City. The inputs of the said research study and writeshop were said to be essential in crafting the tourism plan of LGU Borongan.  

On April 14, 2018, the ESSU extension team, headed by Dr. Jun Agda, invited guests from DILG, LGU Borongan and ESSU faculty and students and presented their output of the said activities. Dr. Agda gave the rationale of the program and emphasized the importance of sharing their best practices among LGUs. These best practices according to Dr. Agda will be stored in data bank, making it available for other LGUs to replicate once they will apply the same practice at their own jurisdiction. 

Meanwhile, ESSU President Dr. Edmundo A. Campoto, in his message encouraged the participants of the said program to continually be supportive in all the endeavors of LGU to promote Borongan as the next tourism destination hub in the country. He said that Borongan has so much to offer in terms of natural attractions which only requires creative and positive packaging and branding that will entice more tourists to visit Borongan in the future. 

 by: Samson Robedizo

 “We aim to invigorate the students’ capacity to transform vision into reality.” – Ranie Operario

The Supreme Student Council- Tertiary Student Government (SSC-TSG) President Mr. Ranie Operario of the Eastern Samar State University spearheaded the 1st State of the Council Address (SOCA) and Consultative Meeting held at the ESSU Multi-purpose Hall on February 13, 2018.

                The said event was a brainchild of the SSC-TSG office through the advisory of Mrs. Marcelle A. Badillo and was participated by the various Federated Class Organization (FCO) of the different colleges of the university under the administration of the Office of the Students and Alumni Affairs (OSAA) headed by Dr. Jonas V. Palada. Present were the presidents of the CAS, CANS, CBMA, CON, CCS, SVT, and COED,each were given the time to relay their accomplishments and projects with the students of their respective colleges witnessing the said event.

SOCA aims to connect the student leaders to the whole population of ESSUnians in the delivery of information regarding the activities held during the school year and to make mention of the different achievements that these leaders have purposefully accomplished during their term of office.

The president of the SSC-TSG, Mr. Rannie Operario welcomed everyone on his speech and reiterated the importance of leadership among students. Being the mother organization, Mr. Operario relayed the sacrifices that had been made in order to fulfill a leader’s duty and the hardships that were encountered starting from the elections, up until the realization of projects and activities, undergoing the process of approval in the administration. Mr. Operario also stressed on the different qualities of leaders that holds the most importance in achieving the organization’s goals and objectives. “We aim to invigorate the students’ capacity to transform vision into reality.” – Ranie Operario

He mentioned that a leader should be futuristic in his vision and develops a sense of integrity, as a person who will deal with a lot of people from different brackets in the university society. He further elaborated self-confidence, commitment, creativity and communication skills as important characteristics in becoming a person to guide his subordinates. Added to this list of characteristics are self-awareness and adaptability, decision-making, openness, and understanding. Notable highlighted abilities that the SSC president has mentioned is the ability to inspire and motivate, also managing the organizational change which focuses on the innate value of a leader in performing duties towards a community of students and going over and beyond in achieving the goals of an institution in the name of selfless public service.

Finally, Mr. Operario thanked everyone who had helped him in realizing the dreams of the organization, a big chunk of the gratitude going to the amiable, active and productive adviser, Mrs. Marcelle Badillo, whose support and guidance has never wavered in the face of obstructions.

The SOCA was concluded with an open forum with the students writing their questions on pieces of papers and handing them to the emcees to be asked to the respective person who holds interest and supervision of a specific issue. Each of the presidents accepted and wholeheartedly answered the questions thrown at them with grace and utmost knowledge, giving the most relative solution to problems that the students are raising.

As the event was successfully launched, the SOCA will become a yearly celebration, giving the leaders an opportunity to bridge the gap of misconceptions. It is a venue to prove their worth as elected officials of their respective organizations and a way to inform all ESSUnians that ESSU student leaders, especially the SSC-TSG officers, are always on the go, giving life to its tagline – Build. Unite. Transform.


Eastern Samar State University through its University President, Dr. Edmundo A. Campoto signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Department of Labor and Employment, represented by the Regional Director Joel M. Gonzales, for the Installation of JOBSEARCH Kiosk in the University.  The Placement of Kiosk is intended to strengthen the Labor Market Information dissemination as part of the employment facilitation mechanism of the university.

On November 23, 2017, DOLE RO8 focal for PESO Employment Inventory System(PEIS), Mr. Demmie Jose Uyvico and Senior Labor Employment Officer Mrs. Salvacion Yepez visited the university to facilitate the installation/placement of the JOBSEARCH Kiosk at the 1st Floor of the Administration Building of ESSU Main through the assistance of Mr. Sherwin Amosco and his personnel.

Prior to the signing of MOU and the installation of the Kiosk, Mrs. Fe Estrella, Chief Labor Employment Officer of DOLE Eastern Samar Field Office, took the lead in negotiating with DOLE Regional Office to provide the University with the JOBSEARCH Kiosk.  Dr. Jonas V.Palada, the Dean of the Students and Alumni Affairs, welcomed the idea of the Kiosk installation in the main campus and is optimistic that such will be of big help to the graduates/alumni.

The kiosk is open 24/7 to cater to the needs of jobseekers.  Among the information that jobseekers can access include posting at PhilJobnet for employment both local and abroad,  and updates /advisory from other partner agencies constituting the national employment network. These include the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA), Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA), National Reintegration for OFW’s(NRCO), Technical Education and Skills Development Authority(TESDA), National Wages and Productivity Commission (NWPC), Commission on Higher Education (CHED), and the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) and the Bureau of Local Employment (BLE).

- Lucila C. Habac

Key officials of the university headed by Dr. Edmundo A. Campoto, the University President attended the Integrity, Transparency and Accountability in Public Service (ITAPS) Seminar-Workshop conducted by the Office of the Ombudsman Region VIII last November 23, 2017 at the 2nd Floor of the Main Library.

The central message of ITAPS, which is also an overarching priority of the current administration of President Rodrigo R. Duterte is “zero tolerance to corruption.” The objectives of the said seminar-workshop was to identify and discuss the ethical norms of behavior of government officials; define and identify the causes and effect of corruption; discuss the features of Philippine anti-corruption laws; relate the anti-corruption laws to real-life experience; and for the participants to assess and write an individual integrity plan.

Four modules vis-à-vis its resource person were discussed to accomplish the objectives, namely: Module 1 (Understanding Corruption) by Ms. Janice E. Pagas; Module 2 (Answering to the People: Accountability of Public Officers) by Atty. Janice Gabrito-Agullo; Module 3 (Penalizing Corruption) by Atty. Eduardo B. Kangleon; and Module 4 (Mirror Imaging the Self: Making a difference in Public Service) by Atty Agullo.

Participants were given a comprehensive discussions on a myriad faces of corruption and its effects to individual, society and the economy with citations from various Supreme Court decided cases and pertinent laws that govern public officers and employees.

The seminar-workshop involved the participants in group discussions, simulations, and have drawn their personal assessments and opinions about various situations. The whole-day activity was capped with a Pledge of Service by the participants led by the Acting Director of the Office of the Ombudsman RO-8, Atty. Eduardo B. Kangleon.   

The event was steered by Ms. Vilma M. Domus as master of ceremonies while the Center for Continuing Education under Engr. Dan Viñas facilitated its holding in the university.


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