ESSU Welcomes SCUAA ’18 Delegates

 “I’m excited and I think that the entire community is excited. This is not just an athletic event but this is our way of promoting the university as a university comparable with other universities in the region and even in the whole country”, Dr. Campoto said in an interview with the Catalyst.

After ESSU accepted this year’s hosting of the regional SCUAA ’18, the University had a long process of planning starting from the month of January. Immediately, the administration, together with the concerned faculty and staff, conducted a planning workshop and created committees which enabled them to come up with a master plan for the SCUAA 2018.

As of press time, ESSU has already welcomed some of the SUC’s for this regional event, namely: LNU, PIT, UEP, and SSU. The delegations from the different SUC’s started practicing their respective events.
Also, the candidates of the different SUC’s for the Mr. and Ms. SCUAA begun their rehearsals, especially their production number.

Dr. Campoto wished all athletes good luck and to play with the spirit of fair play, further stressing that “we are here to promote camaraderie among students from different SUC’s.”

The formal opening ceremonies are slated on December 9, 2018.