Brains and Beauty

The Search for Mr and Ms SCUAA could never be so fierce and competitive as it is now, I can tell you that. I’ve had the privilege to meet the candidates prior to the start of the SCUAA meet and have had the opportunity to accompany them to their photo shoots and let me tell you that the stereotype: “people who join beauty pageants are all looks and no brains” is a hoax when it comes to these contestants.

Some, if not all of them, not only have superb visuals but also passionate advocacies and dreams — ranging from saving the environment to equal rights for all genders. A few seek to promote sportsmanship, while some have other things in mind — fighting bullying, promoting leadership skills, helping through journalism, awareness on HIV/AIDs and on mental health, proposing enhancement programs for athletes to enhance their academic prowess, promoting peace and unity through sports, and many more advocacies that are too many to remember because of the sheer number of different goals these candidates have in mind.

This year’s group of contestants are the ones to watch out for. It’s not every day that you get to meet and watch such fascinating personalities, but I won’t venture further on this because the show isn’t over yet, and the tables are yet to turn.

Taking everything into account though, the competition; is expected to be tense. It’s anyone’s game at this point. The photo shoots are done, the Search for Mr. and Ms. Eloquence passed by and SCUAA is set to start soon. All this suspense is bound to make anyone giddy.

I’m sure everyone has a pick from the list of competitors, especially once the pictures are released, everyone will have their own “bet” as we would say it.

So, here’s to all the contestants: May the odds be ever in your favor.