Battling Nobly

The Regional SCUAA Games will once again rock Eastern Samar after Eastern Samar State University hosted the same sporting event six years ago. The different colors of stretching streamers dancing in the air, the Christmas trees twinkling and beaming with fancy ornaments, the contiguous welcoming smiles seen on the faces of the ESSU community--- these sights create festive energy and excitement that will certainly envelop anyone who enters the portals of our dear University.

But beyond all these sights, comes the underlying, real purpose of this annual athletic gathering--- to unite and pit the region’s best of the best athletes and nurture in them the spirit of sportsmanship.

In my stint as a student journalist up to present, I have already covered some athletic events in the university. And I have seen before my eyes the eagerness and enthusiasm painted on every athlete’s countenance--- a visible manifestation of their desire to triumph their respective games to bring honor and fame to the school they represent, and perhaps, even to themselves. And this reason is also the impetus of some to cheat, the biggest crime in the sports realm.

Athletes should practice fairness in all aspects. In the sports arena, one ceases to be an athlete as soon as he cheats. The trophy loses its value if it is achieved through unsportsmanlike deeds. For you can only realize the true essence of a victory if it is worked hard, fought hard and battled nobly.

And for the onlookers and supporters of the different delegations, let us not forget to cheer these athletes who worked hard just to get this far, which is quite a feat.

Before I end this column, let me reiterate once again this hackneyed line to the ears of my readers: “At the end of the day, it is not always about winning. It is how you play the game… (I’m gonna append a word to it) fairly.

Auguri to all the competing athletes!