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by: Bench Hendrix B. Jataas (JUNIOR STAFF WRITER)

 “I’m excited and I think that the entire community is excited. This is not just an athletic event but this is our way of promoting the university as a university comparable with other universities in the region and even in the whole country”, Dr. Campoto said in an interview with the Catalyst.

After ESSU accepted this year’s hosting of the regional SCUAA ’18, the University had a long process of planning starting from the month of January. Immediately, the administration, together with the concerned faculty and staff, conducted a planning workshop and created committees which enabled them to come up with a master plan for the SCUAA 2018.

As of press time, ESSU has already welcomed some of the SUC’s for this regional event, namely: LNU, PIT, UEP, and SSU. The delegations from the different SUC’s started practicing their respective events.
Also, the candidates of the different SUC’s for the Mr. and Ms. SCUAA begun their rehearsals, especially their production number.

Dr. Campoto wished all athletes good luck and to play with the spirit of fair play, further stressing that “we are here to promote camaraderie among students from different SUC’s.”

The formal opening ceremonies are slated on December 9, 2018.

By Nina Eunice M. Cebricus (JUNIOR STAFF WRITER)

The Search for Mr and Ms SCUAA could never be so fierce and competitive as it is now, I can tell you that. I’ve had the privilege to meet the candidates prior to the start of the SCUAA meet and have had the opportunity to accompany them to their photo shoots and let me tell you that the stereotype: “people who join beauty pageants are all looks and no brains” is a hoax when it comes to these contestants.

Some, if not all of them, not only have superb visuals but also passionate advocacies and dreams — ranging from saving the environment to equal rights for all genders. A few seek to promote sportsmanship, while some have other things in mind — fighting bullying, promoting leadership skills, helping through journalism, awareness on HIV/AIDs and on mental health, proposing enhancement programs for athletes to enhance their academic prowess, promoting peace and unity through sports, and many more advocacies that are too many to remember because of the sheer number of different goals these candidates have in mind.

This year’s group of contestants are the ones to watch out for. It’s not every day that you get to meet and watch such fascinating personalities, but I won’t venture further on this because the show isn’t over yet, and the tables are yet to turn.

Taking everything into account though, the competition; is expected to be tense. It’s anyone’s game at this point. The photo shoots are done, the Search for Mr. and Ms. Eloquence passed by and SCUAA is set to start soon. All this suspense is bound to make anyone giddy.

I’m sure everyone has a pick from the list of competitors, especially once the pictures are released, everyone will have their own “bet” as we would say it.

So, here’s to all the contestants: May the odds be ever in your favor.

By: Andy Mhar L. Diaz (ESSU Catalyst – JUNIOR STAFF WRITER)

The Regional SCUAA Games will once again rock Eastern Samar after Eastern Samar State University hosted the same sporting event six years ago. The different colors of stretching streamers dancing in the air, the Christmas trees twinkling and beaming with fancy ornaments, the contiguous welcoming smiles seen on the faces of the ESSU community--- these sights create festive energy and excitement that will certainly envelop anyone who enters the portals of our dear University.

But beyond all these sights, comes the underlying, real purpose of this annual athletic gathering--- to unite and pit the region’s best of the best athletes and nurture in them the spirit of sportsmanship.

In my stint as a student journalist up to present, I have already covered some athletic events in the university. And I have seen before my eyes the eagerness and enthusiasm painted on every athlete’s countenance--- a visible manifestation of their desire to triumph their respective games to bring honor and fame to the school they represent, and perhaps, even to themselves. And this reason is also the impetus of some to cheat, the biggest crime in the sports realm.

Athletes should practice fairness in all aspects. In the sports arena, one ceases to be an athlete as soon as he cheats. The trophy loses its value if it is achieved through unsportsmanlike deeds. For you can only realize the true essence of a victory if it is worked hard, fought hard and battled nobly.

And for the onlookers and supporters of the different delegations, let us not forget to cheer these athletes who worked hard just to get this far, which is quite a feat.

Before I end this column, let me reiterate once again this hackneyed line to the ears of my readers: “At the end of the day, it is not always about winning. It is how you play the game… (I’m gonna append a word to it) fairly.

Auguri to all the competing athletes!


The Eastern Samar State University, Borongan, Main Campus held the Philippine Association of State Universities and Colleges Culture and the Arts Festival last November 13-14, 2018. Delegates from ESSU, EVSU, LNU, NWSSU, NSU, PIT, SLSU, SSU, UEP and VSU came participate in various competitions namely; Live band, Vocal Solo (Kundiman), Vocal Duet, Pop Solo, Chorale Contest, Show Choir, Folk Dance, Indigenous Dance, Contemporary Dance Street Dance, Short and Sweet Play (Dialogue and Musical) and Radio Drama. Highlight of the event is the Mr. and Ms. PASUC 2018 pageant where contestant from LNU was crowned Mr. PASUC 2018 and Ms. PASUC 2018 was from VSU. The competitions concluded with LNU coming out on top as overall champions bagging total of 63 points followed by ESSU, 60 points and NWSSU with a total of 51 points.

-Anbony Cuanico


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